Growing With the Flow: The Design Longevity of Ernesto Fernandez

“I grew up with the curiosity to explore and to create,” says designer Ernesto Fernandez. The 47-year-old School of Fashion alumnus has been staying busy designing table accessories for Von Gern Home while quarantined in New York City. “I am a creative consultant. I met the owner last year through a mutual friend. She needed someone to help her with color stories and new designs.” Prior to his position with Von Gern Home, and over the span of sixteen years, Fernandez spearheaded some of the wor

Despite the emergence of Native Fashion, successful indigenous designers remain trapped in display cases

Growing up on the Navajo reservation, television was my only resource to the outside, American world. From Barney to soap operas to Oprah Winfrey, everything on the TV screen captured my imagination. Eventually, I started to notice something was missing: people who looked like me. Unless of course, I flipped the channel to a Western only to see John Wayne killing “savages” left and right. Except, those weren’t really Indians; they were white actors in red face and cheap wigs playing “Cowboys and

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